About Nightpath

A theatre laboratory, Nightpath uses the classics as a map to explore the mythology of contemporary America. Combining a strong physical style and iconic imagery, Nightpath aspires to serve the community by reflecting crucial issues through the powerful medium of spectacle.

Artistic Director

Maggie Scanlan is a professional theater director, performer, educator and producer based in the Twin Cities. As the Artistic Director of Nightpath Theatre Company from 2004-present her mission has been to present classics through concepts that resonate with contemporary audiences. Her work has garnered critical acclaim and appeared on numerous publication's "best of" lists.

Maggie received her MFA at the University of Minnesota where she won the K. Wilson Award for Outstanding Direction for her adaptation of Peer Gynt. She works with actors in productions and classes using an acting method based on the performer's/character's energy centers loosely based on the chakras. She has been Adjunct faculty at both the University of Minnesota and the University of St Thomas in the Twin Cities. The subjects of her classes have ranged from the introduction to all aspects of theater: dramaturgy, playwriting, acting,designing, directing as well as acting courses where she taught a survey of methods including Stanislavsky, Meisner to Viewpoints and Physical theater. She has taught script analysis,scene study, Introduction to Theater for Non- Majors and workshops exploring the visceral nature of Shakespeare's texts.

She has produced, directed and co-designed over a dozen productions as well as collaborated and performed with various well known theater companies in the Twin Cities. Maggie was a member of The Theatre Exchange, a British American Ensemble in the Twin Cities which locally premiered works by British Playwrights Caryl Churchill, Steven Berkoff and Steven Dykes. She recently performed as Aunt Dan in Aunt Dan and Lemon by Wallace Shawn in January,2014 at The Mill Theater in Guildford, Surrey, UK.

In 2005 Maggie Scanlan founded Nightpath Theatre Company where she co-designed and directed Nightpath's productions The Devils, The Balcony and Measure for Measure. She directed Theatre Unbound's critically acclaimed production of How I Learned to Drive and was part of Mixed Precipitation's 2009 Mpls. Pinter Fest and 2010's Auto-Telic: A Night of Symbolism and Decadence at The Colonial Warehouse where she directed One for The Road and The Crystal Spider, respectively. In the last three years Nightpath has presented the controversial Macbeth...rehearsing at The Redeye Theatre, The Three Sisters at The Walker Church, Harold Pinter's Old Times in Loring Alley, and a touring production of Our Town that visited school gymnasiums, community centers and retirement communities.