Macbeth: rehearsing

Scotland, 1049. Macbeth, the Thane of Glamis, trudges through the murky forest, accompanied by the noble general Banquo. Suddenly, the two are beset by a trio of unseemly witches who prophesy their royal futures. Even more suddenly, a cell phone rings from offstage right. The actor playing Ross finally arrives, half-eaten dinner in hand. The actress playing the second witch calls for her line. The already- fraying director scraps the rest of the hour and demands everyone “reground” in an Anne Bogart exercise. And the superstitious stage manager refuses to say the title character’s name aloud. By the end of the evening, however, actors and characters will find they have more in common than they ever imagined.

Nightpath Theatre presented Macbeth: rehearsing: an original production of a typical rehearsal of one of the greatest tragedies ever written, January 6-22, 2011 at RedEye Theater, Minneapolis.

With Michael Ooms as Macbeth, Christopher Kehoe, Andie Olthoff, Kristin Foster, Bob Hammel, Caitlin Hammel, Peter Middlecamp, Stuart Wiberg, Nick Schuster, Sheila Regan and Maggie Scanlan as Lady Macbeth.