Nightpath Theater presents Thornton Wilder’s Our Town

Our Town by Nightpath

During the month of September, 2013, Nightpath toured this American classic to school auditoriums, retirement communities and community centers throughout the Twin Cities culminating in two performances at the Southern Theater, September 30th and October 1st.

Nightpath broughts it’s singular vision to Wilder’s poignant portrayal of community. The production was minimal yet full of voice, featuring original music and choreography, as well as well known hymns. The production relied on the imagination of the audience and the skill of the actors to bring to life this small New England town at the turn of the century.

Starring: Michael Ooms, Sheila Regan, Karen Elaine Massey, Jeff Nichols, Stacey Poirer, Jayne Deis, Jeffrey Goodson, Richard Broderick, and Paul McGuire Grimes.

Costume design by Alice Fredrickson, choreography by Taja Will, music direction and composition by Karen Elaine Massey and stage direction by Maggie Scanlan.